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Tau Net Paves The Way To Decentralized AGI with its Executable Specifications

Bitcoin 05 Dec 2023
Tau Net pulls ahead of every other blockchain in two ways ... Tau Net’s approach marks a pivotal shift in how we develop and interact with blockchain and AI technologies, moving us closer to the realization of truly intelligent, transparent, and reliable decentralized systems ... Tau Net extends an invitation to every blockchain, AI and tech nerd.

Game On or Game Over? Crypto Economy’s Hope Of Web3 Gaming Declines Amid Increased Regulation

Cryptopolitan 05 Dec 2023
... a novel way of blending entertainment with economic opportunity, showcasing the broader potential of blockchain for creating new economic systems ... This feature can illustrate the power of blockchain in creating interconnected systems, a concept that can extend beyond gaming.

The Tech Behind Crypto Casinos

The Sentinel Newspaper 05 Dec 2023
Blockchain Technology in Crypto Casinos ... Unlike them, crypto casinos rely on the blockchain system which powers the cryptocurrencies ... It’s a simple system to understand. It increases the level of transparency just as the blockchain system does ... Combined with the blockchain’s security system, each transaction is virtually impregnable.

Why Do Blockchain Projects Need a Security Audit?

Cryptopolitan 05 Dec 2023
A Blockchain Security Audit is an in-depth evaluation of a blockchain network’s internal operations, aimed at identifying vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit ... During a security audit, cybersecurity experts conduct a thorough analysis of the blockchain’s code. The primary aim is to discover and rectify any weaknesses in the system.

Circle Collaborates With Stanford To Revolutionize Blockchain Transactions

Bitcoin World 05 Dec 2023
According to the official announcement, these initiatives address the persistent challenges of on-chain theft and the limitations of current blockchain-based financial systems ... Circle Research, along with Stanford's Applied Cryptography Group, introduced two new open source projects that seek to address issues that plague the use of blockchains.

[ST Frontline]Untapped real estate market of 100 trillion yen, sleeping cash of 1,000 trillion yen. ...

OBN 05 Dec 2023
board shopWhen handling security tokens, it is necessary to connect the securities company’s system to a blockchain issuance and management infrastructure called a “platformer” such as Progmat, ibet for fin, and Securitize ... financial systems using blockchain.

TokenFi Set to Transform Crypto with Multiple Mainnet Launches

Cryptopolitan 05 Dec 2023
TokenFi, a notable entity in the digital asset domain, has announced a series of strategic launches that are poised to redefine user interaction with blockchain technology. The company is gearing up to introduce its staking system on two of the most prominent blockchain networks, Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Bitcoin demand is at an all-time high right now

Cryptopolitan 05 Dec 2023
Unlike the often-conflated blockchain technology, Bitcoin stands out as the singular cryptocurrency triggering this surge in demand. It’s a distinction worth noting – while blockchain is the underlying technology, Bitcoin is the star performer on this stage ... on blockchain.

Marina launches digital initiatives to modernize shipping industry

The Manila Times 05 Dec 2023
Sonia Malaluan, Marina Deputy Administrator for Planning, said the Maritime Transportation Information System (Maris) will be launched in the first semester of next year, along with two other systems — Marina Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (BEST) and Maritime Energy Demand Information and Analysis Software (Medians).

Brooklyn’s crypto-hipster hotspot gears up for an NFT rebound

Financial Express 05 Dec 2023
SocGen issues 10-mln-euro digital green bond on a public blockchain ... Soon after, Masnah said he received requests for additions from the likes of Matt Hall and John Watkinson, the creators of NFT collection Crypto Punks, and Nick Johnson, a lead developer of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a domain-naming system on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Can Cryptocurrency Help Solve the US Debt Dilemma?

Cryptopolitan 05 Dec 2023
In this precarious financial landscape, the crypto industry presents itself as a viable alternative to traditional financial systems, characterized by its decentralization, transparency, and innovation. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, underpinned by blockchain technology, facilitate direct transactions without intermediaries.

Harnessing Africa’s youth for blockchain mobile game dev’t

B & FT Online 04 Dec 2023
Think of blockchain technology as a digital ledger or record-keeping system as it is with the banking systems ... Unlike the current Web2 gaming framework that relegates Africa to a consumer role, blockchain offers a decentralised and open system, allowing Africa to create games ...

JPMorgan’s JPM Coin to Make Its Debut on Interbank Transactions

Bitcoin 04 Dec 2023
Jpm coin, JPMorgan’s official token, might be used to make interbank transactions now that it debuted on Partior, a blockchain-based banking settlement system. The platform, launched jointly by JPMorgan, DBS Bank, Temasek, and Standard Chartered, allows customers to transact value between these banks using blockchain assets.

Circle and Stanford’s Joint Effort: A Leap Forward in Blockchain Security?

Bitcoinist 04 Dec 2023
According to the official announcement, these initiatives address the persistent challenges of on-chain theft and the limitations of current blockchain-based financial systems ... From 2021 to 2023, nearly $10 billion was lost to illicit theft and attacks on blockchain platforms ... A Solution For Blockchain Security Risks.

Navigating the future: Ethereum and Cardano early supporters dive into a new crypto frontier

CryptoNewsZ 04 Dec 2023
This is a P2E platform where mining gold is mixed with cryptocurrencies for the Ethereum blockchain ... It is a collection of collectible NTFs, a solid staking system, and a players-driven marketplace ... This partnership centers around Cardano’s layer-2 solution, one of this blockchain’s major scaling plans.

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